Services for Accelerators

TractionTank’s program and process is designed to be compatible with other accelerators and can be modified for use as a filtering or selection pre-acceleration program. Services can be provided on an equity or paid basis and programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your accelerator.

Why use a pre-acceleration program?

  • Assurance that the companies in your accelerator have market traction prior to admission and investment.
  • Help to ensure that your accelerator only accepts and invests in startups that are truly ready to be accelerated.
  • Extensively market test good ideas to make them even better and discover a path to growth.
  • Provide additional assurance to your investors that your startups have been vetted and have a high likelihood of success.

What is provided?

  • The full TractionTank program can be provided, including full market testing training, one-on-one mentoring, coaching, goal-setting, group accountability meetings and traction testing.
  • Promotion through the proprietary TractionScore and TractionProfile systems.
  • Access to the TractionTank marketing tools, to allow us to monitor and coach startups towards market traction.
  • Provable market traction at graduation, which can be used to enlarge and close investment rounds at higher valuations.

See the full list of Program Components here.

Learn more about the full TractionTank program here.

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